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Superior Minerals Company
4843 124th Street, West
Savage, MN 55378


Who We Are

We are a small sister company to Linwood Mining and Minerals that is dedicated to the efficient production of high quality mineral fillers and granules.

What We Do

We process high-calcium limestone into specified granules and powders for use in animal feed, roofing shingles, fluidized-beds, plastic, and a variety of other commercial and industrial applications. We also process steel mill slag into slag cement for various Portland cement companies.

Where We Serve

Superior Mineral

Why Choose Us

We are willing to custom-blend or produce.
We have a dedicated, experienced team.
We have solid technical depth and are familiar with a wide range of industries.
We load customer trucks quickly and efficiently and are open 24/7, except weekend nights.
Our close proximity to rail and waterways minimizes the costs and complexities of shipping.