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Self-Perform vs Sub-Contracting for Small Construction Projects

When a commercial general contractor is hired to “self-perform” work it means the project is completed directly by the contractor’s own skilled labor force. Typically, a contractor will self-perform activities such as demolition, carpentry, casework, doors, and hardware, framing drywall, masonry, and other specialty tasks.

When to Consider Self-Perform over Sub-Contracting

Self-perform works well for projects that are smaller in scope or those that require a fast turnaround. For example, a facility upgrade, a backlog of maintenance projects, or when the contractor is already on-site and asked to assist with an additional project.

While self-performing doesn’t work for every construction project, selecting a contractor with these capabilities brings many benefits to business owners, including:

  • Cost efficiencies – results in a more efficient and streamlined construction process, saves time, money and eliminates additional service fees.
  • Increased control – relies on the contractor’s thorough experience to create and maintain schedules and ensures the project is completed on time and on budget.
  • Faster project starts – takes advantage of the contractor’s speed and flexibility to directly assign its team to a job site.
  • Quality assurance – benefits from the contractor’s talented team of high-skilled laborers that have a history of working together on multiple project types across many industries.

Bush Construction’s Self-Perform Capabilities

With years of hands-on experience and training, our skilled workforce will deliver an exceptional outcome no matter how big or small your project is. Whether you need help installing new doors or cabinetry, replacing baseboard trim, changing the flow of your entryway or common area, our trained carpenters are dedicated to working with you, and with little disruption to your business.

If you’d like to learn more about Bush Construction’s self-perform capabilities or assistance budgeting future projects, fill out the Contact Us form below.


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